These are unchartered times; social isolation and pandemic fears are driving stress and anxiety to unparalleled levels. Due to the need to quarantine, many people feel they don’t have options. We want you to know: you do.

Our team at CPD cares deeply about our community, and we are currently accepting remote counseling appointments to help those in need.

With the advancement of technology, the field of telehealth has been growing rapidly. Telehealth improves access to care for people who live in remote areas or who, due to illness or mobility problems, or other special circumstances, are unable to meet with a clinician in-person. Keeping pace with the changing landscape of patient care, and to meet the unique needs of our clients, we at CPD provide psychological services remotely by means of telecommunications technologies such as telephone and videoconferencing. We provide telepsychology services with a commitment to competence, ethical and professional standards of care, informed consent, confidentiality, and security measures. To learn more about our telehealth psychological services, please contact us.


At the Center for Personal Development in Chicago, our therapists tailor treatment to your individual needs. Our teletherapy options create flexible solutions to help meet the demands of your busy schedule.

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