Sex Therapy in Chicago for Individuals and Couples

Sexual difficulties and dissatisfaction are surprisingly common. In fact, most of us will experience some sexual struggles even in the best of relationships and at the best of times. Misunderstood and unaddressed sexual difficulties can have a domino effect, negatively impacting how you view yourself, your partner, and your relationship. The result often entails unnecessary feelings of disconnection, frustration, anxiety, and shame, not to mention the loss of one’s sex life!

The origin of sexual difficulties can be complex and include multiple biological, psychological, and interpersonal factors. Our sex therapists take a broad look at all aspects of your life, utilizing a holistic, biopsychosocial approach for diagnosis and treatment. Our therapists collaborate, when necessary, with other medical and mental health practitioners to ensure you’re getting well rounded care.

Our therapists work with people of all gender and sexual identities and expression. Whether you’re heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or a member of a sexual minority group (e.g. kink, bdsm, poly), we provide an affirming, safe, and open environment to explore your needs and goals (see LGBT counseling).

Difficulties with sexual desire and arousal

A reduction or loss of desire in individuals and a discrepancy in levels of desire within couples can be extremely frustrating and cause excessive worry and blame. Virtually all intimate relationships experience the ebb and flow of desire and unfortunately the inability to understand these fluctuations can slowly erode whatever intimacy and sex remains.


Having unrealistic expectations about the need to “perform” sexually or to always please our partners can distract us from being present. Ultimately, this interferes with our ability to enjoy sexual experiences and may raise concerns in our partners about our lack of interest or attraction to them. Anxiety can stem from many sources (e.g. negative body image, performance pressures, past trauma) and can often serve as both a symptom and a cause of sexual struggles.

Penis-related problems

There are a multitude of myths and false beliefs about performance and function that are perpetuated by the lack of comprehensive sexual education and reinforced by the media. Erectile dysfunction, rapid or premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation are treatable concerns for most.

Orgasm difficulties

Whether you’re having difficulties experiencing orgasm with a partner, or not experiencing orgasm at all, or whether your orgasms arrive sooner than you’d like, the quest for the big “O” and a performance oriented approach to sexuality can cause significant distress for many individuals and couples.

Sexual and Porn “Addiction”

Porn and sex addiction have become buzzwords in the media with many individuals and their partners adopting a “diagnosis” of sex or porn “addict.” Information found on the internet can be contradictory and confusing. Is your brain on porn really like a brain on drugs? Does this even matter? Shame and guilt, personal distress, relationship issues and other areas of life are real consequences. Our approach deemphasizes pathologizing any particular sexual behavior and instead focuses our collaboration on creating a sexual health plan that provides a framework to guide you towards a fuller, more satisfying sexuality.

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