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Am I a sex addict?  A porn addict?  Is my sexual behavior healthy?

Sexual behavior can sometimes become problematic or seem “out of control”. Perhaps we turn to random encounters or internet pornography to relieve stress, elevate our mood, or replace a dissatisfying sex life. Or, maybe we experience deep feelings of shame or distress after spending excess money at strip clubs or “massage parlors.” Sometimes we discover that our partner objects to or is disturbed by a sexual behavior based on differences in morals or values. It can be confusing to know that we are crossing a boundary or relationship agreement but somehow still find ourselves making impulsive or poor decisions and engaging in problematic sexual behavior anyway. There are many reasons why our sexual behavior can seem impulsive or “out of control”. Typically there has been some disruption or imbalance in our lives that weakens our resolve and we find ourselves looking for relief in situations that we would normally bypass.

Developing Healthy Approaches to Sexual Relationships and Intimacy

At the Center for Personal Development, our goal is identify and address the factors maintaining your problematic behavior while also figuring out how to have a satisfying and acceptable sex life. Together we will collaborate to develop a sexual health plan that works for you and your relationship issues, one that is free of shame, guilt, and despair. Our assessment and treatment approach takes a comprehensive look at multiple variables that can be contributing to problematic sexual behavior including an analysis of biological, psychological, cultural, and relationship factors.

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