Premarital Counseling

Our 3-Session Package

Pre-marital counseling will help you to celebrate and solidify your relational commitment prior to marriage. Our pre-marital counseling course involves three sessions, during which you and your partner meet individually with our therapist.

You will have the opportunity to explore the pertinent topics which can impact a couples relationship, such as:

  • resolving conflicts
  • expectations of marriage, children and parenting
  • husband / wife roles
  • the sexual relationship
  • religious views and practices

Prepared exercises which encourage reflection and learning will strengthen your awareness and deepen discussions as you prepare for this exciting and deeply committed phase of your life together.

You and your partner will review your individual understandings of marriage as observed in your parents relationship and consolidate how you want to co-construct your own unique marital relationship–deciding which elements to include and which to reject from what you have witnessed in your families and the world. In order to structure healthy communication patterns, which is the most important indicator of marital satisfaction and longevity, you will investigate your current communication cycles and how these can be altered in order to make certain your communication will enable you to begin the lifetime journey of marriage with confidence.

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A program in premarital counseling can help you answer the long-term questions and give you the skills and tools you need to make your relationship outlast all challenges.

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