Marriage Therapy/Couples Counseling

Couples therapy can provide vital services to partners interested in the health of their relationship. If you’re looking to establish healthy patterns of interaction, couples therapy can offer preventative care that gives you and your partner the skills, tools, and practice to effectively cope with the challenges that face every couple.

If you’re finding yourself in a crisis that threatens the relationship, couples counseling can be an opportunity to find healing and growth or allow you to make mutual decisions about the future direction of the partnership. Your couples therapist is there to guide you in an even and balanced way that weighs both partners’ experiences and expectations equally.

Couples therapy focuses upon helping couples reexamine their relationships and make changes in them to improve their lives. At times this means examining early relationships to learn how relationship patterns developed. At other times it means focusing on making significant changes in current interactions. Sometimes these changes are designed to ‘fix’ problems, but sometimes these new ways of behaving are ‘experiments’ designed to help you see a new way of thinking about your relationship.

For example, most people do not know how to fight in a productive way, how to talk about difficult issues such as money and sex, or how to keep the spark alive. Couples therapy simultaneously helps you become more aware of yourself, as well as understanding your partner. Through the process of couples therapy, you will develop new ways to improve communication skills and learn to create a more authentic and satisfying relationship. Couples therapy can help you reinvigorate your relationship, recover from infidelity or manage conflict.

Separation and Divorce

Couples therapy can also help separating partners to:

  • Clarify their feelings and the choices they could make
  • Explore the underlying reasons for their difficulties
  • Mourn the loss of the relationship
  • Make parting as constructive as possible for all concerned
  • Create a healthy working relationship when children are involved


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Many couples wonder what will be expected of them in therapy.

While the first experience can be anxiety-provoking, rest assured that your therapist is there to make sure you get a chance to be heard. A skilled couples counselor does not take sides; the therapist’s client is the relationship, which always includes both people involved.

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