Life Transitions

Changes in life, whether expected or unexpected, can be significantly disorienting. Though we all experience change on a consistent basis, the process of a big transition can be particularly overwhelming. These life transitions are often a time where the support of a skilled therapist can help with the difficulty people have adjusting to new situations and demands. Whether relocating to another city, beginning new employment, or breaking up with a partner, many of life’s scenarios present a call for us to change – often one of the hardest things to do.

When your surroundings change, you will likely experience phases of adjustment to this shock. In some instances, this shift may come as a refreshing change and may resemble somewhat of a honeymoon phase. However, as time moves forward, the differences between your former life and your new life may become glaringly apparent and create anxiety, frustration, anger or even an overall feeling of disconnect from your life. Sometimes the anxiety begins suddenly, and life transitions can take on a traumatic feel.

It is often difficult to understand whether your difficulty in transition is part of a healthy growth spurt or is a sign of arrested development. The key to moving beyond this challenging period is to distinguish stress from psychological issues, adapt and grow. With therapy, you will begin to transform the strain of your adjustment to an opportunity for acceptance, growth and fulfillment.

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