Abuse/Trauma Survivors

Trauma can come in many forms, from childhood physical and sexual abuse, to emotional neglect, to the ‘microtraumas’ of a persistently invalidating environment, to rape, violence, war, and natural disasters. Unfortunately, trauma is an inevitable aspect of life. Some people experience severe and persistent trauma in life, some people have single incident traumas, and others have seemingly ‘normal’ childhoods and lives. But, one person’s benign event could be another person’s trauma. It’s not about the actual details of the occurrence, but more about the context in which the occurrence finds itself.

Trauma in its simplest form is a life changing event. When we speak of trauma we think of it as a negative experience that changes life in a negative way. We aim to take those negative and painful life experiences and make sense of them, so that you can create a new narrative of your experience and overcome your hardships. Sometimes this does mean a positive life change, e.g., somebody channeling that pain into political action or serving others in some profession or volunteerism. Other times it’s the difficult process of getting to the point where you can say, ‘It’s not my fault. I’m not damaged. I’m lovable.’ And that could make all the difference.

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Experiences with trauma or abuse can impact our emotions and decision making for years afterward. Therapy can help you overcome the wounds and regain your freedom.

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