Team Development

Team Development

Effective teams recognize their individual differences and use those differences to their advantage. They are pro-active in their approach to ensure the achievement of individual, team, and organizational goals. When teams are not optimizing their potential, Cornerpiece Consulting pro-actively works to identify the obstacles keeping them from working as an effective and unified team and then helps them to overcome those obstacles.

We often begin by collecting the opinions and attitudes of your team members. This process allows each team member to confidentially provide invaluable feedback that addresses the team’s unique strengths and weaknesses. This process allows each team member’s voice to be heard and serves as the foundation for the development process.

Our clients benefit from our interactive approach that combines both team and individual assessments with group exercises and strategic team planning. To ensure the knowledge and skills learned during training are transferred to the team’s work performance, Cornerpiece Consulting provides follow-up services including post-team assessments and follow-up training.

We understand that no one person is the same and because of that, no team is exactly the same. We work with you to generate measurable results that are specific to the needs of your team!

Team Assessment

Cornerpiece Consulting works with our clients to design team assessments that measure both the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Through team assessments, we identify the specific team needs and design programs that align with the unique issues that face your team. Our assessments can be delivered in both paper and electronic formats.

Individual Assessment

Each member of a team has a unique skill set and work style that drives his or her work performance. Often, these unique styles are misunderstood by other team members, leading to miscommunication, interpersonal conflict, and potential decreased team productivity. Understanding the unique skills of each team member is critical in developing a unified and productive team. Cornerpiece Consulting is trained and certified to administer numerous behavioral and personality assessments such as the TriMetrix, DiSC, MBTI, FIRO-B, TKI, and many more. We use the results of these assessments to train teams to use team member diversity to enhance team performance by maximizing individual strengths and minimizing weaknesses.

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The benefits of a high-performing team start with understanding where the team and its members have strengths, and where there are opportunities for growth and improvement. Achieving personal, team and organizational goals relies on optimizing a team’s capabilities to work within itself and within the organization it serves.

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