Consulting Services

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how their personal and professional behaviors influence others. Cornerpiece Consulting uses both personal assessments and 360 feedback to assist our clients in creating development plans that will assure our clients meet and exceed both their professional and personal goals. learn more

Leadership Training

To meet the leadership challenges of today, leaders must rely on a wide range of competencies, demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, and have the ability to deal with sudden change. Whether we are working with a new manager or the CEO, Cornerpiece Consulting provides our clients with proven leadership programs that positively impact the entire organization. We tailor each leadership program to match our individual client’s needs to ensure long-term results that positively impact the entire organization. learn more

Employee Selection

In today’s marketplace, the competitive talent trends make it crucial to have an effective way to accurately assess, develop, and retain top talent. Companies need to go beyond the traditional resume, interview, and yearly review process to discover the real characteristics of superior performance. Cornerpiece Consulting’s job benchmarking process enables businesses to benchmark the job, assess the talent, and find the best job fit. We use factual data based on specific job requirements to provide a solid foundation for the employee selection process to ensure that you hire and retain only the best people for the job. learn more


Develop your core competencies and learn how behavior influences others. Bring out the best in yourself and maximize your career potential.

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