A study conducted in 2010, by Rockefeller Institute & Time reported that 29% of men versus 45% of women said they thought it would be more difficult to work for a woman than work for a man. How will we break through the glass ceiling if we keep getting in our own way? What might learning about JERC principles (jealousy, envy, rivalry, competition) do to help us succeed? How might life be different if we had the insight and courage to push past the fear-based “stories” that have historically held us back?

As women are now more than fifty percent of the American workplace, the relational dynamics of global and local marketplaces are impacted. It’s no longer good enough for female leaders to figure out how to lead like men in order to succeed. It is becoming increasingly important for women to know how to lead other women (and men). This is an evolving and important paradigm shift, with leadership training becoming a valuable asset. Leadership is increasingly being called upon to be relationally based, collaborative,diverse and values driven.

The Women’s Leadership Lab is an experiential forum for integrating this paradigm shift.

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Women have long held invaluable roles in our families, communities and in the workplace. However, many feel out of balance in their professional and personal lives and out of touch with what they need and who they are at core. When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are unable to be the leaders we can be – the kind of authentic leadership that comes from being whole, guided by our inner authority. WLL is deeply relational, collaborative, growth fostering work done experientially in a living laboratory designed to empower women toward greater self-awareness, enhanced leadership and team development skills, with deeper personal and career satisfaction. Much of what we do together is transferrable to family lives and relationships, as well as professional careers. The value of adult therapy and professional coaching, all in the same place, is priceless.

We are excited to be a part of a growing movement being studied and elucidated in the fields of sociology, psychology, and the neurosciences. For example, many of the concepts embedded in WLL have been recently promoted in the McKinsey Centered Leadership Program.


Our program can be a vehicle for practicing, in a safe environment, these concepts and much more, allowing women to experiment and learn from one-another in a low-risk environment. Because our work is experiential, results tend to be more personally integrated allowing for lasting impact.

For more details: www.WomensLL.com