The Myers-Briggs Assessment is an in-depth psychological tool developed by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs as an application of Carl Jung’s theory of sixteen personality types. The theory explores an individual’s way of receiving and directing energy (Introversion vs. Extraversion), gathering and internalizing information (Intuition vs. Sensing), making decisions and coming to conclusions about information (Feeling vs. Thinking), and how each of us approaches the outside world (Perceiving vs. Judging).  While everyone can and does make use of eight parts of personality at least some of the time but prefers one in each pair over the other.

The assessment is a useful tool in both individual and couples counseling, in that it brings a deeper awareness of ourselves. It provides a better understanding of our human assets, helps us more clearly see the differences between us, and understand the liabilities of the reactions and interactions between us. It also helps us gain perspective through seeing each of us in the context of an understandable typology and appreciate the legitimacy of the perspective of others.

personality type chart

While there are numerous versions of personality types online, the true Myers-Briggs Assessment is a more profound evaluation process, and must be administered through a licensed professional psychologist or therapist. The Center for Personal Development’s Chicago therapists can administer the MBTI in a number of formats including, specifically for college students, professionals contemplating career choices, organizations and group team structures within those organizations. Specific focus for adult assessments are also offered, including communication style, conflict style, leadership training, and decision making skills. To help with these endeavors we also offer professional coaching.