Educational/Career Accommodations

Did you know that individuals with disabilities are entitled to a range of accommodations to meet their needs in the classroom and in the workplace? These accommodations are specifically defined and outlined under the Individual’s with Disabilities Education Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you feel that you have a learning disability or other disability that requires reasonable accommodations, it is important that you have a specific diagnosis and an understanding of your cognitive, physical, and emotional/behavioral limitations.

Through a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, you can get all the information you need to approach your school or your employer to request accommodations that may be available to you under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. A qualified neuropsychologist will tailor a test battery to your needs to assess all domains of cognition, as well as your emotional/psychological state, and will provide you with specific diagnostic information and recommendations tailored to your individual needs. Some common educational and career accommodations include:

  • Extended time on tests or work assignments
  • A quiet place to work, study, or take an exam
  • Use of assistive technology, such as digital recorders, a laptop computer, or a calculator
  • Making facilities accessible to those with physical limitations
  • Modified work and school schedules

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Understand the accommodations available to you to meet your needs and help you be successful in the classroom and/or in the workplace.

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