DHS/ORS Referral Process

Here are the simple steps to referring a client for assessment:

  1. Determine the referral question(s). Our Assessment Specialists can help you understand a general question, such as determining a client’s vocational abilities, or a more specific question, such as psychological diagnosis, or both. It can be helpful to document the referral question and client information on a referral sheet to send to us.
  2. Create a voucher for the assessment, and have this approved and signed.  This voucher must be received by Center for Personal Development prior to our scheduling your client.
  3. Mail the referral sheet and original, signed voucher to us at:

    Center for Personal Development
    Attn: Dr. Sarah Krcmarik
    405 N. Wabash Ave, Suite 208 Chicago, IL 60611
    PH 312-755-7000 and FAX 312-755-7001


  5. You will receive a call from the assigned Assessment Specialist. During that call you can discuss scheduling, as well as highlight any specific questions you have for the assessment. Below is a .pdf form that you can print for your clients, which gives them important information as well as a place to write in the date and time of the appointment.
Client Handout

Providing quality service is very important to CPD. As always, we appreciate the referrals and hope that you will again provide us the opportunity to assist you in effectively managing the needs of your caseload. Thank you very much for your continued use of our services.

Case Manager/Supervisor Handout


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