DCFS/DORS/DHS Assessments

Greetings from the Center for Personal Development!

We have provided high-quality, efficient testing services to DCFS agencies for the past 20 years, and we are happy to continue to offer our services to help you in your goal of quality client care.

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The Center for Personal Development is a private group practice of psychologists who can perform a variety of psychological evaluation services for clients – children and adults – involved in the DCFS/DORS/DHS system. Our clinicians have extensive training and experience in providing psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, and all reports are signed by a licensed clinical psychologist. Our psychological and neuropsychological testings offer helpful insight as well as sensible recommendations for clients with a variety of challenges or questions. Our psychologists assess cognitive, behavioral, social, and emotional functioning.

After testing we send you a comprehensive and reader-friendly report that consists of a clear snapshot of the client’s functioning, as well as useful recommendations to help you help them. Our services are often vital components of fully understanding the best approach to caring and decision making on behalf of clients.

Because of our work with numerous supervisors and case managers, we understand the valuable information your personnel add to our assessments, reports, and recommendations. We work side-by-side with you to create recommendations that are realistic, concrete, and beneficial.



Using psychological evaluation services, together we can determine the best approach for caring for the clients.

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