ADHD Assessment for Adults  (and children)

Individuals with ADHD often have several unique strengths; however, they also experience challenges in everyday life that get in the way of moving forward with their personal and professional goals. Both children and adults with ADHD tend to feel overwhelmed by the moving elements in their lives, and often they cannot clearly understand the problem aside from assuming that everything is the problem. When faced with this global feeling of distress, how can one possibly affect change and take necessary steps toward reclaiming a sense of purpose? When you don’t know what the problem is, how can you possibly address it?

The informative and enriching experience of a comprehensive evaluation is one way in which an individual with ADHD struggles can gain clarity as to how these challenges impact everyday life. Our ADD/ADHD assessment services identify the factors that cause cognitive, executive, and socioemotional dysfunction with the end goal of pursuing a path toward effective treatment.

What is the evaluation process?

  1. We believe that every person may require a slightly different approach to testing and treatment. For this reason, we begin this process with a brief phone consultation in order to gain an understanding of your specific concerns and needs for assessment. This consultation will help us to create the optimal testing process to uncover and treat the unique set of problems at hand. During this consultation we will also obtain your insurance information, discuss cost of services, and schedule you for your initial testing appointment.
  2. This initial testing appointment will typically be 4-6 hours in length. You will meet one-on-one with your assessment specialist and complete the custom-selected testing measures based on your prior consultation. Typically, testing will be completed during this first session; however, if needed, you may be scheduled for an additional session for further testing.
  3. After you have completed all necessary testing, your assessment specialist will meticulously examine and integrate the testing data into a comprehensive neuropsychological report. Once this report is completed, your specialist will contact you to schedule a one-hour feedback session. Typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks from start to finish.
  4. During your feedback session, you will meet with your assessment specialist who will carefully explain the results of the evaluation, including areas of ability, strengths and growth areas, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations.
  5. If indicated, at your request your specialist may help you to communicate with supportive individuals in your life (your current therapist, doctor, psychiatrist, teacher, employer, etc). Your specialist may also be available to continue to meet with you for therapy services to implement appropriate treatment recommendations, or provide you with referrals with whom you may do so.

Assessment Considerations

Are you concerned about attention issues and also worry about your ability to learn or perform in school?

We are able to customize a testing evaluation that will examine all of the areas of functioning assessed in an ADHD evaluation, while also including measures centered on learning and academic achievement. This slightly more comprehensive battery allows for a comparison of intellectual functioning, executive functioning and academic achievement in order to provide a full analysis of intellectual and neuropsychological wellbeing.  This type of evaluation also identifies specific academic and learning accommodations that may be needed in an educational setting.

Are you concerned about attention issues and also worried about your social-emotional wellbeing?

We are able to customize a testing evaluation that examines all of the areas of functioning covered in an ADHD evaluation, while also including measures for personality components and in-depth social-emotional strengths and weaknesses. This slightly more comprehensive assessment will allow us to compare intellectual functioning, executive functioning, and social-emotional functioning, in order to provide a full analysis of psychological, neuropsychological, personality, and social-emotional wellbeing.


Around 8 million adults suffer from an adult form of ADHD. Often times in these cases, it has carried over from difficulties during the developmental years.

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