ADD/ADHD Assessment

ADD/ADHD Assessment Individuals with ADHD often have several unique strengths; however, they also experience challenges in everyday life that get in the way of moving forward with their personal and professional goals. Both children and adults with ADHD tend to feel overwhelmed by the moving elements in their lives, and often they cannot clearly understand the problem aside from assuming that everything is the problem.

When faced with this global feeling of distress, how can one possibly affect change and take necessary steps toward reclaiming a sense of purpose? When you don’t know what the problem is, how can you possibly address it? 

The informative and enriching experience of a comprehensive evaluation is one way in which an individual with ADD/ADHD struggles can gain clarity as to how these challenges impact everyday life. Our Chicago Therapist assessment services help to identify the cognitive and neuropsychological elements related to ADD/ADHD so as to provide clarification and treatment recommendations that support optimal functioning.

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Apart from medication, there are many additional ways to help with ADHD. In fact, most people see benefits from specific recommendations and accommodations quickly, and begin performing better in a short period of time.

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