Psychological Assessment

In-Depth Evaluation, Informative Answers

The Center for Personal Development offers a wide range of assessments and neuropsychological assessments that can help clarify cognitive, developmental, intellectual, academic, social-emotional, and neuropsychological functioning.  We work with people of all ages, children through the elderly, to provide individually-tailored assessments that are designed in consultation with you and your other health care providers.  We provide testing administration and comprehensive reports, as well as work closely with doctors, hospitals, parents and schools for the following types of assessment:

All evaluations offer clear information, helpful diagnostic clarification, and individualized recommendations. Our Chicago Therapists utilize the most current, well-researched assessment tools to provide the highest professional quality work, and we believe in taking good care of our clients so that optimal functioning can be reached and maintained.

To learn more about our psychological and neurolopsychological assessments by one of our trained Chicago Therapists, please contact us.


Get clarification on behavior issues and learn how approach and manage them. Whether it’s you, your children or your parents who require assistance, we can help by providing the tools and the steps necessary to get you on the right path.

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