Project Description

Areas of Focus:

Many individuals hope to evolve over time in an effort to live their best quality of life. Experiences, challenges and life events can sometimes impede on that evolution and hinder our personal growth. Therapy can help us identify patterns in thinking as well as behavior and become positive agents to help create change in our lives. It requires time and patience to work through the struggles that we experience, which can stem from years of unresolved inner conflict and pain.

Sherri believes that individuals ultimately are the experts in their own lives, and she helps to create tools that can aid clients in find meaning and understanding free of judgment. This process can help reduce symptoms, overcome challenges and help to implement healing and positive change. She inspires her clients to become more introspective as well as insightful as they gain knowledge and understanding in how they are the authors of their life story.

Sherri has a integrative approach in therapy, and has worked with clients experiencing anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, trauma, complex PTSD, relationship challenges, couples conflict, marital struggles, new mothers/parents, family discord, identity issues and work /life balance to name a few.


Sherri received a Master of Counseling Psychology degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, with a concentration in Latino Mental Health and Multiculturalism.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Social Psychology from DePaul University, where she previously worked as an adjunct instructor.