Project Description

Dr. Nancia Shawver is an experienced psychotherapist and associate of Center for Personal Development. Dr. Shawver completed her doctoral degree at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and currently sees a broad range of clients in downtown Chicago.

Areas of Focus:

I became a psychotherapist because I derive tremendous gratification from helping individuals understand their present life by exploring their past, and learning to create the life they want for themselves. By differentiating the life they have from the life they long for, individuals can develop an expanded vision of themselves. Working collaboratively and interactively, I engage with each client to develop a unique therapeutic relationship. Within that context, we work together to confront and explore the most profound questions of life and interpersonal relationships: trust, betrayal, love, hate, sexuality and loss.

With over 15 years of experience, I seek to help my clients learn to take control of their life and
make the choices that will bring them the greatest satisfaction. My approach is empathic, respectful and highly effective in helping individuals navigate life more effectively and achieve authentic change.

With a doctorate in clinical psychology and a concentration in multicultural Studies, my practice
is with adult individuals and couples of all ethnic, national, religious, class and sexual orientation backgrounds. Additionally, a strong area of clinical interest for me is consulting with families who have children with attention deficit and learning difficulties. I am a serious student of Yoga, and when appropriate I integrate Yoga exercises and principals of mindfulness into my work. I also conduct therapy in Spanish. My office is located at 180 N. Michigan Avenue and I can be reached at 312.409.2246.