Project Description

Michael is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received both a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Master Degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. He is a current PhD candidate at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago.


Michael’s belief in the psychotherapeutic process is experiential and interpersonal at the core. He works from an integrative clinical perspective with an emphasis on contemporary psychodynamic psychology. He takes the relationship between therapist and client to be the essential condition of the work, as this is the connection that allows for empathy and the mutual understanding of experience. Establishing a secure, therapeutic relationship is vital for effective collaboration in the interest of client needs and goals. In addition to the centrality of the relationship, Michael aims to facilitate the co-construction of a creative space relative to each client that is safe, open and meaningful in which to explore whatever is most salient on a client’s mind and in overall life.

In general, Michael believes that engaging in the process of psychotherapy can help people find meaning and gain insight into lived experience as a whole, which inherently includes some degree of pain, suffering and conflict, leading to enriched capacities to experience life with more freedom, authenticity, and overall wellbeing. This is undoubtedly a complex and challenging process involving commitment on the part of both therapist and client, but it can be an effective means to realizing potential, improving relationships, and catalyzing psychological growth and development.

Areas of Focus:

Michael has particular clinical experience and interest in working with difficulties related to depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disturbances, posttraumatic stress, and psychosis. In addition, he holds expertise in helping to manage grief and loss, interpersonal or relationship problems, developmental conflicts or traumas, self-esteem issues, stress management, and difficulties managing emotion.