Project Description

Meg uses a strengths-based, client-centered approach to help with identifying goals while respecting the client’s autonomy. Mindfulness and hypnosis techniques are also used. Meg specializes in treating adolescents, adults, families, and couples, and collaborates with clients to address challenges of everyday living. She has particular experience and interest in working with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, parent-child attachment and challenges facing those in the performing arts.  Meg enjoys learning about client’s lives, working with clients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations, and spiritual paths.

Meg also has training and experience in sex therapy, areas include: differences in desire, problems with arousal or orgasm, pain during sex, erectile dysfunction, and sex after child birth. This therapy supports clients in quickly reducing conflict, promoting communication, recovering trust, increasing intimacy and restoring a healthy sexual relationship. As couples use the Sensate Focus model, they begin to rebuild their connection, while also restoring the pleasure of touching.

Meg is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University. She also has training in Marriage and Family therapy from the Chicago Center for Family Health, sex therapy certification through Loyola’s Sex Clinic and training in Emotional Focused Therapy for couples.