Project Description

Working from a strength-based perspective, I provide a warm, honest space where self-enquiry, acceptance and change can take place, and in which individuals feel validated and empowered to explore the unknown, unfamiliar or uncomfortable without judgement. I strive to build genuine, collaborative relationships in which the skills, strengths, values and needs clients bring into the process are deeply respected, honored and central to the work.  

My approach is often emotion and behavior-focused, using standard and Radically Open DBT, which are structured, skills-based approaches rooted in principles of acceptance, connection, curiosity, humor, mindfulness, non-judgement and problem-solving. This way of working is regulating for those seeking stability, order and direction, and liberating for those feeling rigid, constrained or stuck. In a supportive setting, we explore why clients operate the way they do, and identify systems that influence and perpetuate these patterns. We experiment with finding skillful, effective and flexible responses to novel experiences and challenges, and practice making mindful decisions that help individuals achieve valued goals and deepen their sense of identity, integrity and purpose. Over time, the process empowers people to build lives which are congruent with their values and identified goals, and free from unnecessary suffering.

Areas of Focus:

Particular areas of interest and expertise include chronic anxiety and depression; eating, food and body-image related issues; suicidal urges and self-harm; relationship and family issues; sexuality and identity; trauma-related stress; and underlying issues of personality. I offer psychotherapy to individuals and couples, and DBT and RO-DBT skills training to individuals and groups.