Project Description

“Progress, not perfection.”

Have you ever said to yourself, part of me feels one way, but part of me feels another? If so, you are not alone. I believe that through each of our experiences, parts are created to help us manage our emotions and keep us safe. Through therapy, we can get to know those parts and improve your relationship with them. It is through that process that I believe healing and change occurs.

Dr. Eric Aprill brings an authentic soft-heartedness, curiosity, and acceptance for each of his clients and the parts they bring in. Dr. Aprill believes a sense of safety and trust is the foundation of any therapeutic relationship. He collaborates with his clients to build a non-judgmental space where they feel safe to process past and present experiences at a pace his clients are comfortable with. Every part of you is welcome in that space.

Areas of Focus

Dr. Aprill’s clinical areas of interest include working with adults from diverse backgrounds in individual and relationship counseling. He has experience and expertise in working with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, life transitions, relationship issues, and issues around sexual and gender identity. Dr. Aprill also has an interest in and welcomes working with clients who are interested in or living in the kink and consensually non-monogamous communities.


Dr. Aprill received his B.A in Psychology from DePaul University in 2011. He went on to earn his M.A. in Clinical Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2013 and his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Adler University in 2021.