Project Description

Dr. Sara Sirota recognizes that the most important way for change to happen in therapy is through a therapeutic relationship built on trust, vulnerability, and honesty. She brings her authentic self to session and asks clients to do the same. By trusting that clients are the experts on their own experiences, Dr. Sirota helps clients to gain self-awareness and enhance their sense of agency so that they can feel an increased sense of control over the parts of their lives they wish to shift. Dr. Sirota also focuses on self-acceptance and self-compassion as powerful tools to alleviate suffering. Through collaboration, genuineness, patience, feedback, and humor, Dr. Sirota helps her clients to shift their perspectives, embrace their uniqueness, and decrease everyday struggles.

Dr. Sirota specializes in working with emerging adults, members of the LGBTQ community, artists, individuals who have moved to the U.S. from abroad, and clients with complex intersecting identities. She has a particular interest and experience in depression and anxiety, as well as concerns related to identity development, social justice, family of origin, and interpersonal dynamics. She also has extensive experience in the training and supervision of therapists-in-training. 

Dr. Sirota received an undergraduate degree in French and Francophone Studies from Carleton College. She obtained her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has completed training in community mental health centers, private practice, and college counseling centers.