Project Description

“If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.” -Brene Brown

We all have a purpose in life. However, sometimes this purpose becomes diluted with expectations of others from past and current relationships, systemic factors attached to our social identities, and early traumas that we have yet to face. Therapy is a place where the REAL you can show up without judgment, and where vulnerability is welcomed and embraced with empathy. By creating a safe, yet brave space, my hope is that we can take this journey of “unpacking” together, so that you can live a more authentic life. 

 Dr. Deonna Kitwana believes that the therapeutic alliance is crucial to facilitating her client’s growth and their willingness to be vulnerable. In efforts to making her clients feel seen and heard, she utilizes a collaborative approach that models trust, openness, and mutual respect.  Dr. Kitwana incorporates aspects of dynamic, feminist, and multicultural therapies within her work, as she views her clients as dynamic and cultural beings. 

Dr. Kitwana specializes in treating college/graduate students and adults. She enjoys working with individuals who struggle with life transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, and family concerns. She also has experience in working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. 

Dr. Kitwana received undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Dance from Skidmore College in New York. She received her Master and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago Illinois. When Dr. Kitwana is not working with clients, she enjoys attending live arts events and spending time with family.