Project Description

So, you’re contemplating seeking out therapy. Congratulations, that’s a really huge step. It takes a lot of courage to recognize that there are things you may want to explore, change, and/or better understand about yourself, the way you see others, and/or your environment. Finding a therapist you feel comfortable with and trust can be difficult. Painful life experiences, past trauma, and current situations can lead you to feel stuck, depressed, and anxious. I believe that we all have areas of our life that warrant closer examination. Whether utilizing therapy for developing tools to better navigate challenging situations or delving deeper into the complexity of relationships and life experiences, having a safe and non-judgmental space for the exploration of the self is crucial. You know yourself better than anyone. I bring training and expertise, which together we can utilize to form a deeper understanding of your present circumstances. I believe deeply in the transformational power of the therapeutic relationship.  As your therapist, I aim to create a supportive, respectful space where we can work together to best suit your therapeutic goals, even if those goals have yet to be uncovered.

Areas of Focus:

Ben (he/they) brings an empathic, soft-hearted interest and acceptance to the therapeutic space, designed to encourage mutual exploration into areas of interest relating to a patient’s psychology and mental health. Ben’s clinical areas of interest include working with adolescents and adults from diverse backgrounds in individual and group therapeutic formats. Ben has extensive experience and expertise in working with the LGBTQ+ communities, and has clinical experience working with patients struggling with a number of issues, including but not limited to: sexual and gender identity, minority issues, acute and complex trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, men’s issues, self-esteem, substance use, life transitions, and grief.


Ben received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Brandeis University. He earned his M.S.Ed. at Pace University’s School/Clinical Psychology Program and is completing his Doctorate in School/Clinical Psychology at Pace University. He completed his doctoral internship at the JCCA’s foster-care agency in NYC/Brooklyn in August 2021. Ben co-authored a chapter on gender and health in the Handbook of Health Psychology, published in 2019. Ben has also developed and presented lectures addressing the need for establishing better climates for LGBTQ+ youth and adults within various professional and educational spaces. Ben’s research interests involve LGBTQ+ mental health, masculinity, environmental systems, and the intersections of sexuality, gender, and ethnic identity.