Project Description

Antonio Romano received a Master degree in Community Counseling in 2007 from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and also holds a Doctoral degree in Law from the University of Rome, Italy. He believes that a multicultural approach to therapy creates a comfortable environment for sharing difficult emotions and views diversity as personal uniqueness. In his years of practice, Antonio has developed a cultural sensitivity that allows him to easily establish constructive relationships with members of diverse ethnic groups, helping individuals and families struggling with transitions in new cultural settings. In addition, he is a trilingual psychotherapist and provides therapeutic services in English, Spanish and Italian.

Areas of Focus:

Antonio provides psychotherapy services to adults, children, and families suffering from emotional and psychological problem, in particular anxiety and depression.

Therapeutic Approach:

Antonio’s approach includes a  focus on the needs of clients who are struggling with issues of cultural adjustment and transition. He utilizes CBT, DBT and ERP therapies, and treatment goals are identified in a collaborative and safe setting to address emotional regulation issues, increase problem solving, and improve overall life quality.


Antonio has also received extensive training in DBT, Exposure, Responsive Preventive therapy and has been certified in SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy) since October 2017.

In addition, Antonio is an Adjunct professor at Loyola University of Chicago and teaches in Chicago and Italy in an internationally diversified academic environment within psychological and political subjects. He has also participated in international conferences with the CNR (Center for National research) in Rome, Italy and has published articles on emotional dysregulation and ADHD.