Project Description

Annabeth Chickering received a Master of Counseling Psychology degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and her undergraduate degree in Dance and Choreography from Hampshire College. Before becoming a psychotherapist, she taught therapeutic dance to people of all ages. Annabeth believes that expression of one’s personal narrative often begins with the non-verbal, and that with care and nurturing one can learn to find the words to express one’s story.

Areas of Focus:

As a psychotherapist, Annabeth works with both individuals and couples and stresses not only the importance of individual expression, but also the importance of exploring systems the client is a part of and how these potentially impact overall wellness. She has particular interest in working with people who are exploring the development of identity, including gender and sexual identity, and are working towards making meaning in their life. In addition, she has experience and an affinity in working with clients who struggle with depression including postpartum depression, anxiety, childbirth, childhood abuse, trauma, loss, parenting, relationships, work/life balance, and family conflict.

Therapeutic Approach:

Annabeth believes that the relationship formed between therapist and client is at the core of therapy; it is her privilege and responsibility to listen to her clients’ experiences with respect and without judgment. She works together with her clients to create a relationship that serves as a base to help clients learn to trust their inner voice, strengthen their personal insight, and construct narratives. These narratives help bring meaning to their past experiences as well as hope for the future. Annabeth also trusts that people have a great ability for insight; often times as a result of life’s circumstances, insight resides inside the body and has not yet had the opportunity to become verbalized. Through a partnership between therapist and client, the client can begin to make the non-verbal verbal and ultimately find new pathways toward greater understanding and personal fulfillment.